August 5, 2019

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Week, Even When It Seems Never Ending

Ahh a new fresh week, which some could say brings on a ‘Case of the Mondays’ – a quote from one of my favorite movies but I also hear so much each week.

I heard something like this just last week which made me have to share! Here is how it went down-

 The Story

Last week I asked a friend how their day was going and they responded with they typical ”I wish the day was over” and ”Why is it not Friday yet?” moan and groan.

Of course, this is not the first time I’ve heard this or have even said it myself in the past but I had to question this. Do we REALLY want our lives to just pass us by? Do we really want to just go through the motions until it’s the end?

Of course not! We want to live our lives with days we never want the minutes to end, experiences we can cherish for a long time, and memories that stick with us.

I mean, I totally get it we have our busy lives to live, family, friends, kids, social media, work, and the list that never ends.  And for most of us, we cannot just live on an island somewhere to savor the days.

 So how can we make more out of our days? How can we stop just wishing the days would pass us by so we don’t have to show up, and instead live a life where we hope the moments don’t end? A life we love and want the minutes to never end?

How To Save Your Week

1. Do something New–Always, and I mean always, do something NEW.  Write it down, don’t forget this step! What can change our week from just surviving to really enjoying it is doing something NEW.  This can be as simple as finally going to that book store and grabbing a new book. Or, how about a new adventure? Take the kids to a place you have never been and discover together.  What about that gym class you have been dreading? Go do it this week, go do it now! 

2. Set Intentions for your Day — Make your days have a purpose. Set the intention from the beginning of the day when you wake up of at least one thing you want to accomplish. And I don’t mean to get the laundry done, but something that has meaning to you. Write one page in that book you have always wanted to create, the challenge you have been putting off. You will find meaning in your day when you do this!

 3. Mindset Matters –This is one step you don’t need to go anywhere or even have a plan.  This one you can do right now wherever you are and that is to change your mindset. If you are reading this at the job you dread every day and wonder how to change your mindset on it, you must take the simple things from it. This can be all the free coffee you get at your job, how you made that long-time friend from this gig, and of course how this job will take you where you want to go. It is not your final step in the journey, just the beginning.

Friends, no more days of hoping your life goes as fast as possible so you don’t have to show up. Let’s LIVE. Let’s set our Soul on Fire!

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